Covid-19 & Comics

Covid-19 Coronavirus is effecting everyone including all of us at Dark Tower Comics. We are making it our focus to keep the store clean and disinfected regularly to ensure everyone stays as healthy as possible.   We are washing our hands, not touching are faces, and practicing social distancing when not in the store.

If you are still worried about coming inside, we understand and Dark Towers is here to help you keep reading.

We are happy to help, just let us know how:

  • Flash:   Pay over the phone, dash inside and we will hand off your books as you make a Flash Dash back out.
  • Pick Up:  Send a Lyft, Uber or a friend with Hulk’s immune system to grab your books.  Upon payment via phone or emailed invoice, we will release your books to person of your choice.
  • Drop Off:  We are happy to drop off your books within a 5 mile range upon payment via phone or emailed invoice.  There will be $5.00 minimum surcharge (This will go 100% to our delivery driver for their help).
  • Your health and safety is important to us, so keep reading and enjoying your comics.  Be well! Be safe! Wash your hands. 
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